We do have the technology to do the hatchery services. Currently our average hatch rate is 90% thus producing quality chicks. Hence through a lot of effort on the hatching service, we are are effectively managing to achieve higher hatch rates and good quality chicks. We therefore adhere to some basic principles of hatchery management which are given as follows:

  • Egg Handling
  • Identification
  • Storage
  • Chick Processing
  • Vaccination

Our hatchery is able to perform quality control and help set the chick up for a healthy, productive life. Our chicks are then sexed as soon as they are removed from the hatchers. However, we recommend all our day old chick clients to prepare vaccines as required and use them promptly. We always monitor our incubators and make investigations if any variations arise that may lower the hatch-ability. Therefore we do not hesitate to tell our clients that if you choose us to hatch your poultry eggs, we guarantee a higher hatch rate provided you had followed the basic egg collection and handling procedures mentioned above.