We sell both live & dressed road runner chickens. On average, each bird would have a weight of 2.5kg at the 16weeks of age. We normally slaughter our chickens at an appropriate age to offer an eviscerated chicken weight desired by our clients. On top of that, all the chickens we sell are well vaccinated and are given medicated feed for coccidiosis and they are disease free thus offering healthy and quality meat to our clients. Given below are eviscerated average weights for all our chicken breeds at the age of 16weeks thus due for meat production.

Chicken Breed Live Weight (kg) Eviscerated Weight (kg)
Boschveld  3.50  2.50
Kuroiler  5.00  3.80
Koekoek  3.60  2.65
Black Austrolope  3.80  2.75

We also supply/deliver chickens in and around Harare and Masvingo city, so just book with us for quality and taste road runner chickens. You may also visit our branch offices today and get all these products at an affordable price.